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Aiken Schenk attorney Shawn Aiken

Shawn K. Aiken

Arbitration,  Commercial Litigation, Mediation, Business Disputes
Aiken Schenk attorney Austin Kurtz

Austin K. Kurtz

 Commercial Litigation, Business Disputes, Personal Injury, Sports Law
Paige Pataky profile

Paige C. Pataky

Employment Law (Employers/Employees), Healthcare Law, Commercial Litigation
Aiken Schenk attorney Michael Petitti

Michael J. Petitti, Jr.

​Employment Law (Employers / Employees)
Aiken Schenk attorney Al Ricciardi

Alfred W. Ricciardi

Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Dairy Regulation, Business Disputes
Aiken Schenk attorney Phil Rupprecht

Philip R. Rupprecht

Asset Protection, Bankruptcy, Business Disputes, Mediation, Arbitration, Wealth Preservation, Debtor Workouts
Aiken Schenk attorney Joe Schenk

Joseph A. Schenk

Commercial Litigation, Healthcare Law, Business Disputes, Appeals
Aiken Schenk attorney Burr Shields

J. Burr Shields

Employment Law (Employers / Employees), ​Healthcare Licensing, Mediation, Arbitration
Ailken Schenk attorney Ty Taber

J. Tyrrell Taber

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

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Kathleen Trejo

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