Health Information Technology Website Redesign

By April 19, 2018 July 30th, 2019 No Comments
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Attention healthcare professionals! The website was recently redesigned. The dramatic update has new navigation tools that make it easier to locate relevant content, and the website is also better suited to work on mobile devices.

The new site is no longer categorized by the type of individual. Policy makers, healthcare providers, and patients can all access information in the same place. The elimination of extra pages makes the website more user-friendly.One of the new navigation features is the “News and Updates” section on the homepage. All of the recent news releases, blog posts, and reports are housed in this section of the website. This tab allows for easier and faster access to the information you need to know now.

The website now works on all devices. From tablets and phones to desktop computers, stay up-to-date with news and blog posts all day.

If you are a physician, following the new Health Information Technology website can be beneficial. The site has fact sheets and other information that are essential to your practice.

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