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Running a business in Arizona comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to pay taxes, obtain licenses, and adhere to local regulations, but you also need to understand local and federal laws in order to avoid liabilities. This is when it becomes useful to get a business lawyer in Phoenix.

At Aiken Schenk, each of our business attorneys has a wide range of experience and can provide your company with effective legal representation. After nearly 30 years of commercial litigation experience, our dedicated business lawyers are in it to win it. We are prepared to help you resolve large-scale matters as well as everyday business issues and disputes. 

Types of Civil and Commercial Cases We Handle

Our Phoenix litigation and trial attorneys have handled lawsuits involving a wide variety of complex issues, including employment agreements, breaches of contract and fiduciary duty, unfair competition, franchise law, partner/shareholder disputes, officer and director liability, and more. We work hard to achieve the best results and solutions for our clients, finding an effective pre-litigation resolution or taking a matter through trial and appeal. 

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Commercial Contracts

Companies of all kinds and sizes operate on contracts. Yet disputes may arise regarding the interpretation or enforcement of those contracts. Get an Aiken Schenk business attorney in Arizona to help you draft, enforce, negotiate, and resolve issues with your commercial contracts.  An Aiken Schenk attorney can help you draft clear agreements and litigate those that are less clear. We are truly in it with you!

Unfair Competition

Under Arizona law, businesses are prohibited from dishonest business practices, such as false or misleading advertising, trademark infringement, misrepresentation of services and products, and other deceptive acts. An Aiken Schenk business litigation lawyer in Phoenix can protect you from becoming a victim of these practices by litigating or defending your unfair competition case.

Non-Compete Contracts and Covenants

When you draft a non-compete clause or restrictive covenant in an employment contract, you should be certain that your objectives are clearly defined and only serve to protect the reasonable interests of your business. This will ensure that your covenants will pass muster in court. Work with a business litigation attorney at Aiken Schenk to make sure your non-competes and other restrictive covenants are well-drafted and enforceable.

We also have experience litigating non-competes and covenants in contracts, so if you believe that you are being unfairly denied the right to practice your profession, give us a call.

Breaches of Fiduciary Duty

Under Arizona law, certain types of special relationships create a fiduciary relationship in which you place a great deal of confidence in another to care for your assets. When your fiduciary has acted against your interests or has breached his or her fiduciary duty, turn to an Aiken Schenk business lawyer in Phoenix and hold this individual liable for their actions.

Business Disputes

Sometimes, individuals running a business find themselves at odds.  We can help you deal with these issues, whether there are claims of mismanagement, disagreements over business decisions, disputes over distributions or dissatisfaction among minority members or shareholders. 

Should your business register as an LLC? Inc? PC? We help professionals choose the right form for their business and set it up for success. We can work on operating agreements, employment agreements, and other documents to help you establish and grow your business.  We’ll also help you set up properly so you can avoid common pitfalls and problems. Let our experience work for you. By allowing an Aiken Schenk business lawyer to assist you in your business formation, you will have someone to help you work through the process of establishing and running a business.

Request a Consultation for Your Civil or Commercial Law Case

Matters of business law in Phoenix can get complicated very quickly and create a large headache for your company. They can also drain your resources and be a burden on your business and your personal affairs. You need an experienced commercial litigation attorney in Phoenix to help you understand commercial law and address your legal concerns.

Start on your case by contacting Aiken Schenk for a consultation. We’ll help you prepare for any matters that you may be facing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire an attorney for business litigation?

There are many complex aspects of commercial litigation which encompass both Arizona and federal laws that you may not be very familiar with. A commercial litigation attorney in Phoenix can help you understand your business’s rights and responsibilities so that you may avoid liabilities and other related financial losses. Also, a commercial litigation attorney can act preventively to help avoid disputes and litigation before they even appear.

What steps do I need to take if I am a party to a commercial litigation dispute?

In order to make your case more comprehensive and believable in the eyes of a judge and a jury, you should keep all the paperwork you have involving the dispute. Having documented evidence is also helpful to your business attorney in Arizona and saves them time altogether. Reach out to Aiken Schenk for advice and find out if you can avoid litigation.

What alternatives do I have to business litigation in Arizona?

One option you have is an alternative dispute resolution. This is a method of settlement that resolves legal disputes privately through arbitration or mediation instead of through formal court proceedings. In this case, a third party is usually designated to oversee a hearing between the two involved parties. A business litigation lawyer in Phoenix can advise you if alternative dispute resolution is advisable to traditional litigation and represent you in the mediation/arbitration.

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