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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a concept that most people associate with financial failure, threatening messages from debt collectors, and loss of asset. Few consider the fact that bankruptcy is a financial resource that will help you start over without the shackles of deb. You have a legal right to this form of debt relief, so whether you’re an individual or a business, you should turn to a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer to determine your best bankruptcy option.

A bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix is your number-one defense against financial ruin.

When to File for Bankruptcy

As soon as you realize that your debt is more than you can afford, contact a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer. The United States Bankruptcy Code provides a number of ways for you to find relief and stay afloat during your period of business bankruptcy in Arizona. Filing for bankruptcy early on can allow for planning that may give you a better chance of retaining your assets and emerging from bankruptcy with success.

Debt Negotiation

If your company is struggling, it’s time to find a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf with creditors, landlords, service providers, and suppliers. Your situation might end in you fully repaying your debts over a longer period of time, at a lower interest rate, or with partial payments. Aiken Schenk will do everything possible to settle your debts outside of Arizona bankruptcy court.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good solution for businesses in Arizona that are no longer profitable or for individuals with high debt loads. It helps you wipe the slate clean. Unlike a personal Chapter 7, a business Chapter 7 does not discharge all debts. Rather, it liquidates your company’s remaining assets one by one until your creditors are paid off.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is designed for businesses and individuals. It helps businesses stay in business.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Arizona can be a great way to reorganize business debts. A Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer at our firm will create a plan to help you repay your creditors while your business remains in operation. During this time, your assets are under your control. This gives you a chance to come out the other end of your bankruptcy as a profitable and sustainable business. The only catch is that your creditors must approve the repayment plan.

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Asset Protection

​If you, your company, or your professional practice is a litigation target, our Aiken Schenk team can help you create a domestic or offshore asset protection and wealth preservation structure.

Domestic Plans

Many asset protection plans can be comprised solely of domestic strategies and structures. However, if your asset protection objectives are best supported by alternatives to domestic planning, we can assist you with an international strategy as well.

Offshore Strategies

Not long ago, “going offshore” was considered the exclusive asset protection province of individuals of enormous wealth, dubious motives or both.

But as concerns over litigation and regulation have grown, and as Washington inevitably seeks more revenue sources to address the nation’s growing debt, wealthy people are increasingly finding legal security and peace of mind through well-conceived international asset protection strategies.

An international or foreign trust can be a supplement to, or a total substitute for, a traditional domestic estate plan. It can legally insulate your assets from lawsuits, discourage creditors, preserve your privacy, and expand your investment opportunities.

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Business Disputes

Unresolved ownership and investor conflicts such as asset mismanagement, securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty/contract and shareholder disputes are manageable.

Sometimes a break-up is best for everyone. Aiken Schenk attorneys have represented business owners and investors in a variety of high-stakes business disputes. We’re in this with you.

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Dairy Regulation

Strong advocacy and legal representation for independent dairies.

At most dairy farms in this country, raw milk is shipped to manufacturers to be processed into bottled milk, ice cream, cheese and other dairy products. At the same time, true to the spirit of free enterprise, a few dozen independent, entrepreneurial U.S. “producer-distributors” have the ingenuity and resources to skip the middleman. They make the plastic bottles, milk the cows, bottle the milk, and truck the product to grocery stores. The results: a quality product, and lower costs to American families.

Understandably, that arrangement does not please the huge dairy companies and cooperatives that process and sell 90% of the dairy products that are available in Arizona stores. But hard to understand is why the U.S. Department of Agriculture and influential members of Congress choose to turn their backs on small business and the American consumer, siding instead with Big Dairy.

Recent pleadings and published articles illustrate how one of our clients, Yuma-based Sarah Farms, is challenging the system, and how dairy giants and state and federal regulators are responding.

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Estate Planning

Experience the peace of mind of having your financial house in order, with an effective combination of trusts, wills and other estate planning tools.

You have worked hard to achieve the lifestyle and net worth that you enjoy today. And you want to make sure that, after your death, your assets go to the people you care about. Not to the government, and not to unintended recipients.

Accomplishing those goals requires an effective estate plan that reflects your unique situation, values and assets and the estate planning experience of Phil Rupprecht. With the right plan in place, you can be confident that your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes. You can protect your heirs from avoidable taxes. And you can enjoy a precious gift: peace of mind.

A broad, complex range of planning options is available to you, from conventional wills and trusts to offshore financial planning and asset protection. Helping you understand which methods are most appropriate for your situation is a valuable service that you can count on in creating the most effective plan for you and your family.

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